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Lab used microwave vacuum dryer

Place of Origin LD, China (Mainland)
Brand Name MJ
Certification ISO 9001 ,CE,BV, ISO
Model Number Microwave dryer for laboratory use
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets Lab used microwave vacuum dryer
Price Microwave dryer for laboratory use
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time contact with us
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability Expeller Pressed Machine

Product Features

Why do you choose the Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. Lab used microwave vacuum dryer?
1.Healthy! Pure mechanical squeezing craft maximally keeps the nutrients of the oil plants.No chemical substances left
2. High working efficiency! Due to a high working efficiency of the screw oil press machinery,both time and power can be saved.
3. Long durability! All the parts are made of the most suitable material and treated with refined crafts, such as cemented quenching and tempering to increase the hardness, consequently the durability.
4. Lab used microwave vacuum dryerCost-effective! Low investment! The wearing parts on the oil press machinery such as the squeeze loop, squeeze spiral and squeeze bar are designed to be dismountable. When they are out of service period, users only need to replace them and there is no need to displace the whole machine.

Lab used microwave vacuum dryer

Product Description

Microwave vacuum batch dryer

Model BDMD-M-V-30 BDMD-M-V-20 BDMD-M-V-6
Microwave Power (KW) 30 20 6
Loading Area (m2) 3.3 2.6 1
Input Voltage (V) 380 380 380
Operating Temperature (℃) 40-85 40-85 40-85
Microwave Leakage Rate (MW/cm2) ≤1 ≤1 ≤1
Vacuum Degree (MPa) -0.08 ~ -0.094 -0.08 ~ -0.094 -0.08 ~ -0.094
Gross Weight (KG) 3500 3000 1200
Vacuum Pump Power (KW) 7.5 7.5 1.5
The Number of Tray 10 8 2
Tray Size (mm) 940×360×100 940×360×100 (diameter) 650x100
Overall Dimension (m) 3×2×2.5 2.6×2×2 1.26×1.2×1.6
Installation Area (m) 5×3×3.2 4.5×3×2.7 3×2.2×2.3
Cooling Water (m3/h) 6 5 2

Following are the sizes of hot selling continuous microwave dryer.

Microwave dryer Model Microwave frequency (MHz) Microwave power Microwave leakage Dryer dimension (m) Installation area (m)
BDMD-F-P-20 2450±50 20kw 1mW/cm2 7.0x1.1x1.7 9x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-30 2450±50 30kw 1mW/cm2 8.0x1.1x1.7 10x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-40 2450±50 40kw 1mW/cm2 9.0x1.1x1.7 11x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-50 2450±50 50kw 1mW/cm2 10.0x1.1x1.7 12x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-60 2450±50 60kw 1mW/cm2 11.0x1.1x1.7 13x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-70 2450±50 70kw 1mW/cm2 12.0x1.1x1.7 14x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-80 2450±50 80kw 1mW/cm2 13.0x1.1x1.7 15x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-100 2450±50 100kw 1mW/cm2 16.0x1.1x1.7 18x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-120 2450±50 120kw 1mW/cm2 18.0x1.1x1.7 20x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-150 2450±50 150kw 1mW/cm2 21.0x1.1x1.7 23x3.5x2.5
BDMD-F-P-200 2450±50 200kw 1mW/cm2 27.0x1.1x1.7 29x3.5x2.5


Lab used microwave vacuum dryer is used to dry all kinds of fruits, vegetables, spices, seasonings, herbs in low temperature to preserve the original nutrition of them. We have speical microwave vacuum palm dates dryer, banana chips microwave vacuum dryer, microwave vacuum jam dryer, etc.


Microwave vacuum drying machine has a number of quantitative and qualitative advantages over conventional drying machines so that it becomes more and more popular. One main advantage is the place where the heat is generated, namely the product itself. Because of this, the effect of small heat conductivities or heat transfer coefficients does not play such an important role. Therefore, larger pieces of foods can be heated in microwave vacuum drying machine in a shorter time and with a more even temperature distribution. The another main advantages is the short drying time, low drying temperature of industrial vacuum microwave dryer oven. The third advantage is microwave vacuum dryer can prevent materials oxidation during drying and preserve nutrition well.

  • Energy saving 30%-60%
  • Drying speed 50% quicker
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Increased drying efficiency and yield
  • Drying temperature adjustable
  • Suitable for drying all heat sensitive foods

Packaging & Shipping

Wooden packing for each set of microwave vacuum dryer if needed.

Soft packing is supplied.

Our Services

LD provides a full range of services and technical support for industrial microwave systems, for both drying oven and tunnel drying machine. The services include custom installations, preventive equipment maintenance, equipment upgrades and modifications and microwave system repair.

Company Information


1. What is Microwave?

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy with frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz, generated by magnetrons under the combined force of an electric and a magnetic field perpendicular to each other.

2. What is the advantage of Lab used microwave vacuum dryer compared to Conventional dehydrator?

Conventional dehydrator is a surface dehydration method, which is not only slow, but also non-uniform with the surfaces, edges and corners being much dehydrated than the inside of the material. The imperfect dehydration will cause product rejections, waste energy and extend process time.

Microwave fruit dehydrator and vegetable dehydrator is a direct method of dehydration. Energy is transferred through the material electro-magnetically, not as a thermal heat flux. Therefore, the rate of dehydration is not limited, the uniformity of heat distribution is greatly improved and dehydration time is reduced.

3. How about safety?

Using scientific structure and patented suppression system, LD industrial microwave dehydrator poses no threat of electromagnetic radiation to the health and safety of equipment operators.

4.What about maintenance?

In addition to downtime for cleaning and inspection, conventional dehydrators and heat exchangers need periodic servicing with an expensive inventory of parts and a highly trained labor force. For microwave dehydrator, the only part that requires maintenance is the magnetron. In the event of a malfunction or misuse through incorrect operation, this can easily be replaced in less than thirty minutes. Generally, LD recommends that the magnetron of industrial microwave dehydrator be replaced annually or after 8,000 hours of operation, whichever is sooner.

Lab used microwave vacuum dryer

Lab used microwave vacuum dryer Low temperature:under one atmospheric pressure (101.3 kpa), the boiling point of water is 100 °C.But under 0.073 of one atmospheric pressure(7.37 kpa), the boiling point of water is only 40 °C.It is on negative pressure condition when using microwave vacuum device,material can be processed under low temperature.So the quality of the material can be guaranteed tremendously. Lab used microwave vacuum dryer is especially suitable for drying material which need to dry in the low temperature, such as herbal extract,ginseng,ect.
2)Pressure:In negative pressure environment with microwave vacuum device,moisture evaporates faster in the lower temperature.
The unique mechanism of lab used microwave vacuum dryer make the material heated inside and outside at the same time.Vacuum,in other word in a negative pressure,the material can be dried in a low temperature.This makes the material being heated evenly,maintain its originalcolor,and the material composition don’t be changed.All in all, microwave vacuum drying equipment effectively guarantees the quality of raw materials.


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