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Common faults and troubleshooting of oil hydraulic system


Oil machine is one of the most widely used equipment in product molding production. At present, the maximum nominal pressure of the oil machine has reached 750 MN, which is used for metal forging. With the increasing demand for metal pressing and stretching products year by year, the requirements for product varieties are also increasing. On the other hand, the production batch of products is gradually shrinking.

In order to adapt to small and medium-sized batch production, microwave heating machinery and equipment need to be adjusted quickly, which makes hydraulic press an ideal forming process equipment. How to find and remove faults quickly and accurately is the key to the hydraulic system.

Two. Development of oil and gas technology at home and abroad

The hydraulic system and the whole structure of the oil machine have been developed maturely. There is no big gap between domestic and foreign models. The main difference lies in the processing technology and installation. Good technology has improved the machine in filtering, cooling and preventing impact vibration.

Common faults and troubleshooting of oil hydraulic system

1, in the structural design of oil way, both domestic and foreign tend to be integrated and closed design. Cartridge valves, superposition valves and composite components and systems have been widely used in hydraulic systems. Closed circulating oil circuit design has been widely used abroad, which can effectively prevent oil leakage and pollution. More importantly, it can prevent dust, air and chemical substances from intruding into the system and prolong the service life of the machine. Because of the processing technology and other reasons, the closed cycle oil circuit design system is rare in China.

2. In terms of safety, some foreign high-performance hydraulic presses controlled by microprocessors use software to detect and repair faults. The products can realize the functions of load detection, automatic die protection and fault diagnosis.

3, the development of the oil machine is mainly embodied in the control system. The rapid development of microelectronics technology provides the preconditions for improving the performance, stability and processing efficiency of hydraulic press. Comparatively, although domestic models are complete, their technical content is relatively low and there is a lack of high-end models, which is not compatible with the development trend of mechatronics and hydraulic integration and small and medium-sized batch flexible production.

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